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Fly Me Home
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Fly Me Home by Wings of Rescue, Shelter Me and Bark Avenue Foundation
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The Story
Every year, nearly four million pets are euthanized in municipal shelters throughout the United States because of overcrowding – and what compounds the tragedy is that many of these pets would be immediately adopted if they could only be moved to another area of the country where there is a shortage of dogs and homes are waiting for them. The problem has always been finding a way of getting these pets to their new families – many of them thousands of miles away from where the pets have been impounded.

Wings of Rescue, Shelter Me and the Bark Avenue Foundation have joined together to transport more than a thousand of these unwanted shelter pets across the country to shelters and humane societies where these pets have been quickly adopted into loving homes.
The dogs waiting to be placed on their plane!

Our mission is to keep doing this life-saving work and we need your help. It costs us on average $88 to save the life of a dog and there are so many dogs at this very moment who we could save if we only had the funding. Every cent we raise goes entirely to the transportation of these pets. Not one cent is spent on overhead or advertising. In early November we have the opportunity to charter a plane to carry another 125 dogs – big dogs, little dogs and seniors - to safety, if you can help us help the pets.

Please join our team by donating to help us continue these life-saving flights. No donation is too small and every cent we raise makes a huge difference – not only to the pets who are saved, but to their new families who will receive these pets' lifelong love. You can make a difference. Please donate today.
The airplanes waiting for their important cargo
A collaborative Program
A collaborative Program
A collaborative Program
Previous Donors
  • 10/08/14
    Laura London
    it's not much, but I hope it helps
  • 10/09/14
    Jennifer Putnam
    From my 2 shelter pets, Donna and Paul.
  • 10/09/14
  • 10/09/14
    Love what you do and hope you can keep it up!!!
  • 10/09/14
    An amazing cause - thank you for what you do.
  • 10/09/14
    pet lover
    Please keep saving lives.
  • 10/10/14
    Stephanie Guthrie
    God bless you all for saving precious lives
  • 10/10/14
    Carol Morgan
  • 10/11/14
  • 10/12/14
    Cheryl M
  • 10/16/14
    jennifer kenney
    keep up the great work!
  • 10/16/14
    Sue G
    Great work you are doing - hope this helps in a small way.
Thanks to all the generous donors who've contributed to this project!
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That's almost two lives saved!
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You did it! You saved two lives!
Can't thank you enough!
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WOW!!! You just got 12 paws on the plane. You Rock!
Share the Love
Help get this project funded! Tell your friends so they can join the movement too!

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