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Is crowd funding right for us?


How LoveAnimals.org benefits you:
      1. Turn your followers into donors. Crowd funding is a new, hip, way to give. It might just be the thing to turn that follower into a donor.
      2. Get your donors to give more often. Crowd funding is growing in popularity because it’s fun and because donors can give very small amounts. As a result there is less donor fatigue and people give donations more often.
      3. Access new donors– Take advantage of the crowd being in “one place.” There are people located all over the USA and beyond who might be looking for a project just like yours!
      4. Get buy in for a larger campaign. If you want to start a major campaign start with crowd funding and show major funders you already have the support of the community.
      5. We provide the infrastructure and accounting to succeed with Crowd Funding. Outsource to us your project specific giving campaign (and the work required to track it). You get a check in the mail when the project reaches its goal and we’ll get you started right away on raising money for your next project.
      6. You get 100% of all the donations from the public- LoveAnimals.org does not take a cut of anything given to your project! You receive 100% of all donations (less applicable credit card fees).
      7. Raise awareness – Access people all over America with an interest in your mission.
To take advantage of crowd funding, you’ll need to do something important: you’ll need to reach out to your supporters first. Then the crowd will follow (individuals take friends’ and family members’ suggestions seriously). We will give you all the tools you need to do this, including a link directly to your project on the website.
      Directing your donors to your project on LoveAnimals.org doesn’t mean that donor will find a different, better project to donate to. This is a commonly held myth about crowd funding. Experience shows that donors are more likely to give to your campaign AND to another campaign. Every single group benefits from this! Of course we can’t guarantee a donor will never find a project they like more. But for every donor you might lose, you’ll likely gain several more. If you are not comfortable encouraging your donors to support your project on LoveAnimals.org then our fundraising website is probably not the model for you.

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